Saturday, 3 December 2011

A.Balter – Vintage Lovers Unite

Off on a somewhat unusually techno-fied tip for TIWWD. What we have here are two remixes of a track from a couple of years ago, and the clue's in the name… this is one for the old ravers. Or alternatively, for the many youngsters who are now digging into the house, techno and rave sounds of yesteryear for inspiration.

I must have heard the original versions of Vintage Lovers first time around but I'll put hand on heart and say I don't honesty recall, so how this compares I'm not in a position to tell you. Of the two rubs presented today, though, Erphun's mix is dark and uncompromising techno with a Belgian/R&S kinda feel, so unsurprisingly its the more melodic and groovy take from Child that's earning it a mention here.

Not a million miles from the kind of epic progressive house/techno workouts turned out by the likes of Leftfield or Spooky in the mid-90s, it's a bit different for TIWWD, sure… but, y'know, it's actually rather enjoyable.

Out: This week

About: This comes atcha on a label that haven't featured on here before, Australia's Open Records. Based in Cairns, Australia, they describe their remit as "deep, intelligent dancefloor-oriented electronic music"… click the link for more info and all their social media pages.

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