Friday, 16 December 2011

Moodymanc - Father EP

A predictably high-quality release here from Moodymanc, AKA Danny 'Dubble D' Ward of 2020Soundsystem fame.

Father itself is a shimmering, midtempo house cut with spoken vocals – whose source is unclear, but which are in the vein of the dub poetry of Mutabaruka or LKJ – and a few E2/E4-like sprinkles. Proper deepness! It's 'proper lush' as they say down here in the west country, but the more dancefloor remix from Detroit hero Rick Wade is possibly even better, his Daddy's Disco Mix doing what it says on the tin with considerable aplomb.

On the B, Sugar Hill is a slightly techier number, with another spoken vocal – "Cocaine, Sugarhill/New York City, Sugarhill/the music is black, Sugarhill", tuff, bouncy beats and some ker-razy freeform jazz saxophony. It comes accompanied by a DJ Tool mix that's a whole six minutes long.

Like I said… high-quality stuff indeed. The EP, I mean, not the cocaine.

Out: This week

About: This is the fourth release from new London-based label Landed Records (click the link for their website or find 'em on Facebook).

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