Saturday, 20 August 2011

Zerbaman - Dub Foundation EP

Time for some dubstep action, methinks. Been listening to quite a lot of dubstep lately and I must say, it annoys me when people dismiss it for the wrong reasons.

Some people seem to think it's all about cheesy Nero/Magnetic Man purple pop with the horrible AutoTuned pop vocals. Alternatively, they think it's all about the gnarly tear-out gorestep (AKA 'chavstep' round these parts) side of things. It's like someone thinking that Hed Kandi comps reflect all there is to know about house music! If those people would just dig a little deeper, they'd find quality nuggets like this.

There are three tracks on offer. Cagney VIP is an eight-minute cinematic number sprinkled with pianos - you imagine it'd work best in a DJ set as a tension-builder before a BIG drop. Laura is more ethereal, bordering-on-ambient affair, not a million miles from the dubbier moments on early Orb albums, and then finally, Foundation itself is another moody, midpaced soundscape piece with some fine analogue synths of the kind more normally found on nu-disco records and cheap 80s sci-fi soundtracks.

If you dig Burial, Youngsta or Distance, this is well worth checking.

Out: This week

About: This comes on US/UK label Plush Recordings. You can hit up their website for more info, or find Zerbaman himself on Soundcloud.

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