Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Contract Killers/PFM Formula One - Plush001

Don't feature enough D&B on this blog really, if I'm being honest. So let's rectify that RIGHT NOW with this killer split 12" featuring Contract Killers and PFM Formula One.

Contract Killers bring us The Life Moments, which is a hi-octane roller and no mistake guv… yet while being energetic enough for the festival crowds, it also has enough musicality to appeal to the more discerning heads too, with nary a nasty electro/trance riff or cheesy vocal in sight. There's a couple of breath-getting breakdowns in there for ya as well. Over on the B, meanwhile, PFM (etc) come with If You Were Mine, a liquid-y stepper with a distinctly soulful vibe, making a pleasing contrast with the frenetic energy of the A.

A big thanks to JunglePress/dnbradio in Canada for sending this through.

Out: This week

About: This comes from new US/UK label Plush Recordings – here's their website to find out more.

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