Monday, 15 August 2011

PJC Project - Tiger Spider EP

Okay, let's kick off the TIWWD week with some good old-fashioned straight-up house music, courtesy of PJC Project.

Messing With My Mind is a deep-ish cut with vocodered vox… it's good but not essential, TBH. The title cut Tiger Spider is better, though, a slowly-building deep house dancefloor groove with a hefty shot of disco juice coursing through its veins… but the REAL treat here is Gonna, a tuff-but-soulful number busting some lush piano chords and chopped-up fem vox.

What we're Gonna do right here is go back… see what I did there?

Out: This week

About: Don't know much about the label this is on, Quadraphonic, other than that they're UK-based. They're on Facebook and MySpace but boys, some actual information would help!

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