Saturday, 13 August 2011

Michael McLardy - Spring (Remixes)

Michael McLardy's Spring was first out earlier this year… now here it comes again with four spanking new mixes, with the Original also included.

That Original was, and still is, a very likeable little deep house dancefloor shuffler with the very slightest of techy leanings and some garage-y treated female vox, all of which of course makes it pretty much perfect to TIWWD's ears! And so to the remixes…

The Soulplate ReDub is a slightly more upbeat pass with a sparse-but-lush feel reminiscent of classic Jersey garage (think Strobe, Eight Ball etc) and an understated Chi-town bassline – just perfect for later in the night, when the spirit is willing but the legs are weak. The brilliantly-named Jackin' Wez & The Groovedoctor supply a mix that takes us further into the sounds of classic Chicago with its tribal-ish rhythms, the Viper Strike Remix is stripped down to the max and more percussive but still deeply, deeply groovy, while finally the Late Night Dub is another sparse rub but this time emphasising the techier, druggier elements.

All told, a fine set of remixes of an already-fine track – go seek.

Out: This week

About: This comes atcha on Cardiff-based label Pole Position, who can be found here. Michael McLardy has also had stuff out on quality labels like Baker Street and Deep Edition.

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