Saturday, 13 August 2011

Micha Mischer - Summer Nights EP

A three-track EP here from Germany's Micha Mischer, who first appeared on this label (Manchester Underground Music) with his remix of ROTD's Fettle.

Opener The Night Before is a mid-paced, lazy houser that sits somewhere between prog and deep on the sliding subgenre scale, if you see what I mean, and gets a little bit Balearic and euphoric around the edges… one for those hazy post-club sessions.

On the B, The Morning After is another proggy, melodic number in its original form, with warm piano chords, a mournful sax and multi-layered strings providing the musicality over an unhurried, insistent rhythm. The dancefloor ante is then upped on the Universal Solution Remix, which de-emphasises the melodic elements in favour of driving, pacier beats and some spaced-out synth action.

Overall, perhaps a little bit more 'floaty prog' than is usual for TIWWD, but worthy of a place in your box all the same.

Out: This week

About: Can you guess where Manchester Underground Music are based, peeps? That's right… former adopted hometown of TIWWD (way back when) Megacity 0161, where the label's been focusing mostly on putting out undiscovered local talent for several years now. Find out more here.

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