Saturday, 20 August 2011

Luca C & Brigante ft Ali Love - Different Morals

It's a funny old thing. Southern Fried used to be a great label back in the day… then for much of the later noughties I've gotta say they became a watchword for 'music I'm not gonna like'. Lately, though, something strange has happened and Southern Fried have been putting out some CRACKING tuneage once more. This being the latest example.

Like so many great tunes, Different Morals is deceptively simple. Just a big, throbbing technoid bass groove, some wibbly synths and a male vocal that's in a vaguely Seal/Prince kinda vein. But fuck me is this a big tune… and that's without even hearing it on the big system it cries out to be played on.

I should mention that there are remixes as well, of course - from no less a line-up than Matt Playford, Clockwork and Danny Daze, with Clockwork's rub being particularly worthy of your attention. But the one I'm gonna be dropping is still the original. It's a tech-soul monster.

Out: This week

About: Southern Fried will need no introduction but here's their website anyway. Luca C & Brigante, meanwhile, hail from Italy and can be found on Soundcloud.

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