Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Persica - 7am At Elrow

Persica 7am at ElrowWell… here we are again then, back after a rather splendiferous long weekend at Shambala festival, and back in the blogging groove. Let's kick the week's proceedings off with this one, which just landed today.

A tribute to one of those nightclub-discotheque-dancehall things located in sunny Barcelona, the Original Mix of this starts with some shuffling percussion and the most fleeting (but insistent) of organ stabs, before the identifying "can you feel it?" shout brings in the kick. It then wanders into proper dark small-hours territory – if you're old like me you could imagine Junior playing this at the Tunnel – though a jolly little piano riff is also on hand to bring light to the darkness.

You also get two remixes from Darius Syrossian, but TBH neither particularly flips the script or anything. But no matter, that just means you end up with three solid mixes for more serious/underground floors.

Out: This week

About: This comes atcha on Mile End Records, always a reliable bet for tuff, techy house, who I've only just realised are based in Canada. Every day's a school day, eh?

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