Monday, 8 August 2011

Luca Bernardi - The Ex Is Back In Town

Young Italian Luca Bernardi comes good here with a wryly-titled EP for Factoria/Factomania offshoot Formula Records.

In total, you get two originals plus a remix of each. The original of The Ex... itself is a jaunty tech-houser with swing flourishes, of the kind so beloved of the likes of Erase and Great Stuff; it's fine but I'm personally preferring the slightly deeper and more chugging David Herrero remix. Fish & Chips is in a similar vein, albeit this time with more of a main-room, almost proggy feel. Again, though, it's the deeper remix I'm feeling more, which this time comes courtesy of German duo DENIED.

Out: This week

About: As stated, this is on Formula Records, part of the Factoria/Factomania stable headed up by my boy Wally Lopez. Find out more here.

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