Monday, 8 August 2011

Giom & Joshua Heath - Connection Lost EP

Giom Joshua heath Connection LostTwo artists who should need no introduction to readers of this blog team up for a pleasingly varied three-track EP on the ever-reliable Lost My Dog.

Connection Lost itself is, admittedly, exactly the kind of East Midlands-ish deep house bumper you'd expect from this pair, and this label... not that TIWWD was ever gonna have any problem with that. But then Mister Marvellous takes an altogether more discofied route to the dancefloor, working that late 90s disco-house revival vibe, albeit in a slightly more subtle and understated manner than most. And then finally we have Techno Idiots, which is (as the name might imply) an altogether techier affair that draws comparisons on the hype sheet to the early Croydon tech-house scene (cast your mind back to the days of Wiggle, Terry Francis, the late Kenny Hawkes, etc), and quite justifiably.

Three strong deep/tech house tracks, then, suitable for a range of floors/sets/moods/DJs. Excellent work yet again, LMD!

Out: This week

About: You really, REALLY ought to be familar with Lost My Dog by now, but just here's their website just in case

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