Sunday, 7 August 2011

Honey Dijon & Sebastian Manuel - Tonite

A strong peaktime house offering here from two producers who are now both based in NYC, but hail from Chicago and Buenos Aires respectively.

Tonite in its Original form is a chugging, driving kinda affair with a female voice (sampled, I'm guessing?) entreating you to "tell him that I want to make love to him tonight". Possibly a more personal message than I'd necessarily feel comfortable passing on personally but there you go! It's still an energetic enough number to work on mainstream floors, but with enough of a classic house feel to suit more knowledgeable crowds as well.

The real treat for me, though, is the Nonfiction Remix, which comes courtesy of one Jose Tobar (AKA Nonfiction, you understand). Here, the classic house feel is accentuated thanks to some barely-there but well-chosen vocal snips… whether they're samples or 'homages' I'm not sure but older heads should recognise elements of both Naked Music NYC's I'll Take You To Love and Hardrive's Deep Inside tucked away inside the mix. Which should bring a few smiles.

Out: This week

About: This is just the third release from Get Up Records, who are based in NYC. The label's run by House Of Stank and the likes of Tedd Patterson, Johnny Fiasco and David Harness all have releases lined up ready to go… you can find 'em online here or check out House Of Stank's own website and MySpace

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