Sunday, 21 August 2011

Short Bus Kids - Day Party

Short Bus Kids Day PartySomewhat unusually for the SBKs, this latest release actually comes with remixes rather than just a whole bunch of individual tracks. There's even a Radio Edit! Which leads me to surmise Lance and DK are hoping for big things from what is, to be sure, one of their most accessible outings to date.

Featuring one Catherine Fluss ('Cat') on vocals, Day Party is a summery and uplifting cut in a not dissimilar vein to the kind of thing Andy Caldwell and Kaskade used to do on Om may moons ago. Don't worry, though, this is the SBKs we're talking about so it's not too horribly light and poppy… and there's some very cool sax work, too.

But DK's Underground Dub is probably the mix most TIWWD readers are likely to go for, a considerably deeper pass with crisp, insistent snares, chopped-up, echo'd snippets of the vocal and pads to make you go all warm and gooey inside.

Out: This week

About: As ever, this comes on the boys' own Bounce House Recordings

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