Saturday, 20 August 2011

Hohle - Conviction

Another winning deep house cut here from Martijn's Deep Editions label, who for me haven't put a foot wrong so far.

Mixes - five of 'em in total - come from a pretty impressive line-up of current talent, including Sasse, Submantra and Martin himself. Between them the mixes cover a range of deep styles but it's Sasse's lush, laidback deep disco that's working best for me… but even better than that is bonus cut Innocent Eyes, a slightly more uptempo cut which gives the female vocal plenty of room to breathe atop a 303 bassline and some lush keyboard stabs, in a way that recalls vintage Stonebridge garage productions from the early 90s. Nice!

Out: This week

About: As I said… Deep Edition aren't that old as a label but pretty much everything they've done to date has been bang on the money. Check 'em out for yourselves on Soundcloud (where you can currently HEAR THIS) or Facebook.

Hohle themselves, meanwhile, are Kieran Clare and Lloyd Lindo, residents at Leicester's City Fly, plus engineer Francis Sevier.

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