Sunday, 7 August 2011

Alex Kenji - Those Good Vibes

In its original form, this is one from the commercial, big-club end of the house spectrum, with a filter disco-type main hook and the kind of ear-piercing top end you associate with 'dirty Dutch', electrohouse and other things we generally consider bad words… but never fear, cos the Samuele Buselli Remix on the flip is an altogether more satisfying proposition.

Said mix starts with a simple enough percussion loop, out of which a big phat bassline and some LUSH chord stabs slowly emerge. Those are then topped off with two competing vocal samples – a random voice intoning 'get bump' or something equally nonsensical, and snatches of what sounds like police radio – and the occasional, VERY brief horn stab. And even that's making it sound busier than it is – this is a proper sparse, heads-down delight.

Out: This week

About: This is on Street King, who of course are an offshoot of the mighty King Street. Find out more about one of the all-time great US house labels here.

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