Monday, 8 August 2011

Micha Klang - When We Dance EP

micha klang when we danceA very solid offering here from newbie label Act Natural – this is just their third release.

When We Dance itself is a midtempo deep houser that builds slowly from a percussion-led intro with some nice warm organ stabs and snatches of vocal; there's also a breakdown in the middle with faint echoes of Def Touch's classic Nasty Rhythm, which is certainly never a bad thing. Tsuba boss Kevin Griffiths then ups the dancefloor ante a notch on his Basement Dub of the same, replacing the two-note synth bassline of the original with an altogether funkier and more organic-sounding part.

Rounding out the EP you also have Every Day and My Feet. Both are in a deep, chugging tech-house kinda vein; the latter edges it for me for being just that wee bit funkier, but like I said it's a strong EP all round.

Out: This week

About: Act Natural is headed up by one Jamie Ward and has been working the likes of Matt Tolfrey and Mic Newman. More info here.

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