Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Various - House Bound

Okay, so this actually came out last week. Somehow I didn't get around to writing about it on the blog, but a new compilation from the mighty Drop Music is just too juicy a prospect for TIWWD to ignore... not that being on heavy rotation on the stereo could exactly be called 'ignoring' but you know what I mean.

Now, you probably think you know what a Drop Music comp's gonna sound like. And sure, there's plenty of their trademark East Midlands deep house bump on offer here… but there's more to House Bound than that. It's an album that shows the label branching out perhaps more than ever. Hence you get the funk-fuelled nu-discoisms of Kinky Movement's Deja Vu sitting alongside Phil Weeks' weirdy-warpy-warbly (in a Leftroom/Diynamic/Wolf+Lamb kinda way) Love You More and The Sound Diggers' Dynamic, which comes on like one of those 'nu old' funk bands given a fairly hefty pair of house music cojones.

And you get Asad Rizvi's closer Boom, which with its R&B-style vocal sounds pretty much like classic UKG to me (specifically it reminds me of Bizzi's Party). Alternatively, if it IS more traditional Drop grooves you're after, then try Larry Fives' acid-y Make A Move. Or Giom's bumpin' Inverted Coma. Or Freaky Behaviours funktified Temptation. Or Robert Boogert's frankly completely freaking ace Turn Me. And of course we can't really miss out label bosses Laurence and Andy, AKA Inland Knights, who supply the summery, west coast-y opener Do It Again.

Anyway, you get the idea. All told, you get 11 tracks of varied, but always top-quality underground house music for your hard-earned… and there really isn't a better way you could spend it. Like I said, this album was too good for TIWWD to miss. You shouldn't either.

Out: Last week. Sorry. But, y'know, it hasn't gotten any less great over the past seven days or anything.

About: Find out more about Drop Music – though if you don't know who they are by now, you should be heartily ashamed of yourself – by clicking on the link above. Or indeed here, if you're too lazy to scroll back up.

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