Sunday, 21 August 2011

Tom Lown - Cloud Surfer EP

Tom Lown Cloud SurferA transatlantic affair, this, as London boy Tom Lown, of recent Lost My Dog fame, serves up a five-track EP for Brooklyn label Warmth Records. There are three originals – Cloud Surfer, Side Stepper and A Night At Peg, plus remixes of Cloud Surfer and Side Stepper.

It's the floaty, late-night deep house of A Night At Peg that's doing it best for me, but the other two originals are also very playable, Cloud Stepper being in a similar vein and Side Stepper just a little more dancefloor-orientated. Remix-wise, Woohoo adds clattering drums to Cloud Stepper in a mix that leaves me cold; Gaby Dershin's mix of Side Stepper is worth checking though if you're after something a bit techier and more driving.

But I'm sticking with …Peg.

Out: This week

About: You can visit Warmth at their website or on Soundcloud.

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