Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Floorplan - Sanctified EP

Okay, so this one's notable for two things. Firstly for being one of the most stylistically varied EPs I've been sent in aeons… and secondly for actually coming from Detroit techno legend Robert Hood. Blimey.

On the first note… opener We Magnify His Name even manages to be stylistically varied within the one track. It starts out sounding like a good-time filter disco cut, then surprises you by bursting into an all-out gospel number before settling down into a rollicking carnival-esque groove to see out the rest of its 9-some minutes. Fantastic stuff.

Second cut Baby Baby couldn't be much more different. It's a fast-paced n' bouncy techno number that sounds like nothing so much as the kind of nu-NRG the late great Tony De Vit made Trade famous for. That's right, kids – it used to be socially acceptable to be into deep house and garage, and dig Trade as well. It may seem strange to you young 'uns but s'true.

Misty-eyed nostalgia aside and back to the EP, and Basic Principle brings proceedings to a close, and what a close it is. It's a BIG organ-fuelled house/techno tune with an epic feel – think Plastic Dreams or Positive Education or The Man With The Red Face, that's the kind of big and epic we're talking.

So basically: old-skool legend known for sparse, uncompromising techno takes time out, makes some houseified shizzle, pisses all over 90% of everything else out there, gets on with his day. You gotta respect that… and you gotta get a hold of this.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Mr Hood's own M-Plant, naturally. And I should point out that doing the housed-up Floorplan thing isn't exactly a new venture for him, he's been doing it since the mid-90s. So it's no surprise he's really very good at it by now!

Make a joyful noise unto the Hood, for he is worthy :-)

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