Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Noon - Turn Me On

Right, I know very little about the artist or the label here, so this'll be a quick one!

The original of Turn Me On starts out with somewhat Sneak-ish house/disco beats, and will roll its way into the mix quietly and keep the floor moving until the slightly tripped-out spoken female vocal comes in and slays 'em! Remix-wise, Dexel & LeManuel's remix moves us from deep into more tech house territory, Hakan Ludvigson's adds some drama in the mid-section but doesn't do a huge amount different, and Oliver A's has a Latin techno kinda vibe.

It's the original or Dexel & LeManuel for me but yeah, this is worth a dip for that freaky Eartha Kitt-ish vocal alone.

Out: This week. Today, in fact.

About: This can be found on SFX Recordings… who I now know, by the process of Googling their name and finding that link, are some six releases old and the new house/minimal techno project of a reformed trance dude.

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