Saturday, 20 August 2011

Bang Bang - Hate Fleeting

Okay, so South African house didn't QUITE take over the world as it looked like it might a couple of years ago, but the scene down there is still going strong by all accounts. And here's the latest from one of the SA house scene's more successful exports, Bang Bang – AKA Matt Prehn, Matthew Loots and Reuben John.

Bang Bang have never been a straight-up house act, though, and this certainly isn't what you'd call an out-and-out house record. In fact, Hate Fleeting, with its soulful vocal and summery feel, is probably best described as dance-pop, in all honesty. But I should stress that's dance-pop in the sense of "accessible, pop-leaning tunes inspired by the lazy west coast house of Naked Music and the good-time funk of Earth Wind & Fire et al," rather than the "shit pop with horrible trance-lite synth riffs" those words would normally imply!

Still, while some of the six mixes are perhaps a little TOO poppy for normal TIWWD tastes, the self-explanatory Leigh Deep Way Too Deep Mix and langorous, melancholic Lotus Remix should see you right for those warm-up or post-club sessions.

Out: This week

About: This comes atcha on Oh So Coy Records, which is run by Matt Prehn himself – who's now based in Switzerland, it seems, and who's also Leigh Deep, dontchaknow? Busy lad, our Matt. Anyway check 'em on Soundcloud.

PS I think Lotus is actually Matthew Loots, as well, but don't quote me on that!

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