Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Rick Sanders - Kristel EP

Rick Sanders Kristel EPBit of a stretch calling this an 'EP' when there's only two tracks, but we'll let them off cos Smiley Fingers is one of my fave labels right now and this release from Sanders is fairly typical of why.

Smiley Fingers' speciality is deep, groovy tech-house with the emphasis firmly on the house side of the equation (in fact 'techy house' rather than 'tech-house' might be a better description, if you can appreciate the subtle difference). Hence, both Kristel and Jasmine represent the kind of tech-house that'd be as much at home at an East Midlands free party as it would in a red-lit basement in Berlin. Both work female vocal snippets; Jasmine is more your rolling kinda groove while Kristel chops up the vox to give it an almost MK/Todd Edwards feel.

A couple of months back, I reviewed Smiley Fingers' first-birthday label comp We Are Smiley in iDJ, describing it as "the sound of house music in 2010/2011 on a plate". This latest from Sanders does nothing to undermine that whatsoever. Top stuff.

Out: This week

About: Here's the Smiley Fingers website – from there you can find 'em on Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter etc. I'd post individual links to all of 'em, but it'd take ages and I think my bath is nearly ready.

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