Thursday, 3 February 2011

Ace reggae-dubstep fusion bizniss, seen?

Got some other work on tonite - a hush-hush project I can't really talk about - so in the absence of any reviews ce soir, check out this ace dubby thang from the ever-excellent Dubblestandart. It's not new nor nuffink, but it is very good (and I found it lurking in my 'Misc MP3s' folder and thought I'd share it)

Dubblestandart meets David Lynch & Lee Scratch Perry "Chrome Optimism" remixes - out now! by SubatomicSound

Out: About six months ago! But I doubt many people have heard it seeing as I seem to be the only person propping Dubblestandart much. Well, I'm sure I'm not, but it's not like they're on the front cover of Q just yet...

About: If you dig this, then check out the Dubblestandart MySpace, or there's various bits on YouTube as well. And I do recommend their album Heavy Heavy Monster Dub, which features collaborations with/remixes by Sly & Robbie, Keith Le Blanc, Manasseh, Dreadzone and, er… Carl Douglas, on a dub-wise remake of Kung-Fu Fighting, the original of which was your humble correspondent's favourite song when he was about four/five years old. Well, that and I Shot The Sheriff, ha ha!

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