Friday, 25 February 2011

Good Parts - Teardrops EP

Another label who've not featured on here for a bit are Star-Fi Recordings, again not for any other reason than I get sent an overwhelming amount of music these days! But there's no way we could overlook this one.

Good Parts are Star-Fi's in-house crack team of re-edit wizards and here they take on one of my favourite ever records, Womack & Womack's Teardrops, transforming it very respectfully into quite a slo-mo, chuggy kind of number. Basically, it's Teardrops reworked in a style that's that bit less 'hairdresser' and that bit more 'disco cardigan', and it's really rather good.

Elsewhere on the EP, Tim & Steve prove once again that they're FAR better 'spotters than I am by reworking a 1980 cut that I must admit I'd never heard of before, Body Fusion by Starvue, turning the rare groove original into a slo-mo houser that sounds a bit like wandering into a northern soul all-nighter on a fistful of downers (in a good way), while Slow Jam is a Good Parts original that isn't the erection-section smoothie the title could imply, but instead recalls the more Balearic end of Italo-house circa 1989... which can ONLY be done in a good way, surely?

Out: This week

About: Hmmm… Star-Fi's website appears to be out of action at the mo'. But hopefully it'll be back soon. In the meantime you can check 'em out on MySpace.

**UPDATE 1 MAR** Tim got in touch to say that yes, the website is down for a bit, but that you can grab some free downloads from his Soundcloud page

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