Friday, 25 February 2011

Giovanni Damico - Can Be Other

Giovanni Damico Can Be OtherThe first release from another brand new label, Home Audio, which is run by Chicago's Angel Alanis. The label's said to be set to straddle the house/techno divide, much like Angel Alanis himself.

This first release comes with five mixes: the Original plus re-rubs from Giom, Jose M & TacoMan, Sleazy McQueen and Mr Clean. The Original is a midtempo curio that sort of shuffles/chugs along and gets a bit abstract at times, a bit jazzy at others but I guess comes loosely under a tech-house umbrella. Giom and Mr Clean take us into deep house pastures, Jose M & TacoMan go a tad more upbeat n' funky, but best of all for my money is the Sleazy McQueen Mix, a slab of low-slung sleazoid nu-disco funk.

Out: Monday (28 Feb)

About: Well, I just explained about the label, did I not? Don't seem to have a link handy for you at the mo' but I'm sure my boy Ian Straker might oblige in the comments box below if we ask nicely. Ian?

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  1. Always happy to oblige. Info on Home Audio can be found on their blog ( and on their Facebook page ( Thanks as always for the words Russell!