Friday, 4 February 2011

Flippers Vs DJ Slater ft U-Prag - King Of The Night EP

Flippers DJ Slater King Of The NightA bit more of a proggy cut than might normally feature on TIWWD, but it's prog of the 'actually house-y' kind as opposed to prog of the 'tedious self-indulgent musical waffle made by Vanglis obsessives', so that's okay.

A truly international effort - Flippers is Israeli, Slater and U-Prag are Czech and headlne remixer Koen Groeneveld is Dutch – the original of King Of The Night is a chunky, driving kinda cut that avoids over-long breakdowns, half-hour snare rolls and other prog cliches, and that has a certain dirty funk to its looping bass synth riff. The remix by Perfect Stranger is a slightly more spacey, druggy take for those warped dancefloor moments, then Groeneveld turns in a rub that's similar in tone/feel, but slightly different in structure, with an extended percussion-led intro for maximum mixability.

It's the kind of thing that, if you normally play deep house but you're faced with a floor that needs it a little more pumping, you could play this and keep 'em happy, without needing to feel sullied. And in my experience, anyone who plays deep needs a few of those in their box/wallet/virtual crate. Not typical TIWWD fodder, then, but worth checking.

Out: This week

About: This comes atcha on DJ Slater's own label Tribal Vision. Who seem to have a compilation called Vanguard 3 out, you might like to know, though I've not heard it myself.

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