Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Ludowick - Monoplastic

Ludowick MonoplasticAbsolutely LOVING this one! It's the perfect fusion of the deep, techy vibes I've been feeling the most over the past couple of years, with the more soulful elements that I've more traditionally been into (before 'soulful house' disappeared up its own backside in a sea of gentle, Lonnie Liston-Smith-aping noodles, ooh, did I say that out loud?).

Yeah, this is Da Bomb, basically. Head for the Pete Weasel Remix if you're leaning to the techy side, or Michael McLardy's Deeper Mix if you want something in a more traditional deep house vein, or the Original if you want a mix of the two. The Tom Ellis Mix goes a bit OTT on the FX and cut-ups for me but hey, you might like it. If pushed, I'm-a plump for McLardy's rub, which is a thing of laidback, stripped-down driftaway beauty. And a cert for the next TIWWD Cloudcast if I can get round to one any time soon.

Out: This week

Ludowick hails from Barcelona, but this comes on the Newcastle, UK-based 22 Digit Records, of which Pete Weasel (above) is co-owner, his partner-in-crime being one Richard Reed. Oh yeah, and McClardy's had stuff out on Baker Street, among others, while Ellis runs Wales's Trimsound label. Anyway, here's the obligatory MySpace and Soundcloud links for 22 Digit - at time of writing you can HEAR THIS at the latter.

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