Monday, 21 February 2011

Fritz Kalkbrenner - Kings In Exile

Fritz Kalkbrenner Kings In ExileLet's kick off the week back on a tech-house tip, with this cut from a name you should be familiar with. In fact, you may even be familiar with the track, cos Kings In Exile is apparently the opening track from Herr Kalkbrenner's recent album Here Today, Gone Tomorrow – though as I never got sent the album I wouldn't know.

In any case, it's presented here in three quite different remixes: Fritz's original/album version, plus rerubs from Booka Shade, and from label bosses Chopstick & JonJon. The original's quite a driving, upbeat affair, and more like house-y techno than tech-house, if you get my drift. Chopstick & Jonjon slow things RIGHT down to 110bpm, turning the cut into a slo-mo beauty ideal for warm-up play (or lazy summer afternoon sessions outdoors). But my pick, I think is the Booka Shade remix, which keeps the fast tempo but loses some of the techy aggression, adding instead a vaguely Italo-ish kinda feel. Or Italo-via-rave, maybe.

A strong offering all round, then, with mixes to suit a variety of times, styles and dancefloors. Albeit definitely one for those with slightly techier tastes, rather than deep house purists.

Out: This week (tomorrow, to be precise)

About: This is on SUOL, which as stated is C&J's own label and always worth checking. Unbelievably, they don't actually seem to have a website or even a MySpace, at least not that I can find right now, but there is at least a contact email on their Resident Advisor profile.

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