Thursday, 24 February 2011

Various - Mo 2 Meaux 2

Various Mo 2 Meaux 2A four-track EP packed full of deep house/deep techno goodness, much of it originating in Meaux, France – with the 'Mo' in the title referring to the Motor City, y'see (ie, Detroit). Very clever.

J.Garcia's One Day uses MLK "I have a dream" snips over vintage Detroitian synth strings yet still somehow manages to sound fresh, CloudMaster Weed's Wicked System fuses dub, jazz and Afro influences, Sizzle by Professor Inc is a sparse affair with heavily-treated female vocal snippets and recalls the deeper side of early UKG, whle finally Drivetrain's Lift Me High is straight-up dreamy, drifty deep house with a soulful male vocal and probably the subtlest acid bubbles you'll hear this month.

A very strong EP all round.

Out: This week on vinyl, in a couple of weeks digitally

About: This is on a label I don't think have featured on TIWWD before, Soiree Records International, who are based in Detroit and have been going since 1990, headed up by Derrick 'Drivetrain' Thompson himself, who I have a strange idea I may have met at an 'underground Detroit' party in Miami one time… anyway, here's the website so you can find out more.

Incidentally, while writing this, iTunes has for some reason rolled over onto Drive-In Saturday by David Bowie. Definitely my fave Bowie tune… just thought I'd share that. I'll shush now.

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