Sunday, 27 February 2011

Larsen & Luca Marano

Zoo TechniqueMust admit I've not come across this Sicilian duo before, but apparently they've had stuff out on Bini & Martin's Ocean Trax, and on Andre Crom's Off.

On this EP you get two mixes of Boom Rush The Snow itself, two of Black Royal and one of Days Of Glory. Obviously across three tracks and six mixes you're going to get a degree of variety, but overall the vibe is party-time house that's upbeat, funky and a little bit discofied in places without being cheesy, and that's also got quite a soulful feel thanks the ubiquitous male vox. Oh yeah, and the aforesaid remixes come from Brazil's Paulo Boghosian & Andre Torquato, and Italy's DJ Kool Dek, just in case you were wondering, with B&T's deeper rub of Black Royal my pick of the EP.

If you're fiending for some of that 90s uplifting flava, this should do it.

Out: This week

About: This is on a label I've not (knowingly) come across before either, Zoo Technique. They would appear, however, to be on their 31st release, which shows how little I know. Anyway, they're based in Barcelona and you can find 'em on MySpace, Soundcloud and Facebook.

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