Friday, 4 February 2011

Onur Ozman - Shadow Of The Statue EP

Onur Ozman Shadow Of The StatueOnur Ozman has been making quite a stir in deep/tech house circles in the past five years or so, so he shouldn't need much introduction from me! Suffice to say this two-track EP, his second for Acryl Music, demonstrates perfectly why he's become such hot property so quickly.

Shadow Of The Statue itself is a rolling, midtempo groove with a pleasantly dreamy feel and just the teeniest tiniest hint of Ozman's Turkish roots in some of the sounds. But the killer for me here is B-side Music Is Rectangular, an uncompromisingly deep number with occasional disembodied vocal snips, reversed pads and beats that have been groove-d or swung (or whatever you wanna call it) to give them a slightly 'pushing' feel that helps ensure the track will work on the dancefloor as well as it does on the hi-fi.

It's very good, basically. Good enough to make the fact that Ozman is a mere 22 years old really quite remarkable.

Out: This week, fully, though it's been available on promo at Beatport for a couple of weeks already.

About: Why Acryl Music isn't one of the world's biggest house labels by now is beyond me... pretty much every release is a killer, and there's plenty of them. Oh yeah, I know… it's because people are idiots, and quality deep house like this doesn't speak to idiots.

You, dear reader, are however clearly not an idiot, but a discerning dance music buyer of impeccable taste… I know that cos you've found this blog. :-) So you're EXACTLY the kind of person who ought to check out the Acryl website forthwith.

And while you're at it you might want to have a peek at the Onur Ozman website and Soundcloud page, too.

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