Sunday, 13 February 2011

Inside Man - Cellular/A Million Lies

Inside Man CellularPlease bear with me, got a LOT going on right now work-wise... all good stuff but it's a case of paying work has to take preference over what is a labour of love! So blog posts are a bit sporadic, I know. Sorry. Still, there's just time on this somewhat overcast Sunday morning to give a shout to this latest from the ever-excellent Vibration Records.

As I've said on here before, Vibration are one of my favourite D&B labels. Their deep, dreamy take on liquid funk is about a million miles from all that shiny electro-trance-rawk 'stadium D&B' shite that the kiddies love, or indeed from the minimal D&B/future D&B/dubsteppy sound that's in with the hipsters. But I don't care… I like it.

A Million Lies features a treated female vocal over typically rolling liquid beats, while Cellular works a fiercer, steppier rhythm and a lead/bass synth line that actually ISN'T a million miles from a dubstep kinda thang. The former is more 'me' TBH but both are cool… as will you be if you show some love for this resolutely underground little label!

Out: 25 February but it just landed and I thought I'd get a review up quickly or it might not happen!

About: Find the Vibration Records website here, or HEAR THIS (and earlier releases) on Soundcloud.

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