Sunday, 27 February 2011

Adham & Hisham Zahran - Purple Sunday EP

Seeing as it's Sunday morning, and seeing as I label things purple once they been blogged, now seems like the perfect time to tell you about this one… especially as it's an EP of the kind of deep, soul-soothing house that's tailor-made for Sunday listening as well.

The brothers Zahran hail from Egypt and have had stuff out before on Rezonant and Union Jack, but this is their first outing on Acryl. And what a debut it is too. Purple Sunday itself is a mellow, laidback groove in archetypal Acryl Music style, but then gets dancefloor'd up by Dana Berquist on a remix that's got just a hint of nu-disco around the edges, but also a hint of prog. Triplets is a jauntier affair but still pretty mellow n' groovy, with some beautiful jazz-ish keys, and then finally a Disclosure 4x4 Remix of the latter brings the package to a close with slightly tuffer beats that turn it into as dreamy and drifty an eyes-wide-shut dancefloor groove as you're likely to hear all year.

All told, there's nothing on this EP that breaks any new ground, particularly - but it's done so well that it's got the potential to become a warm-up/comedown classic. There's nothing 'soulful house' about it, but it just oozes soul from every pore. Go seek.

Out: This week

About: This is yet more proof that Acryl Music is one of THE most under-rated, under-sung labels in deep house music. So if you've not caught onto this astoundingly good Swiss imprint yet, find out what you're missing by hitting up their website.

Oh, and there are some further remixes of Triplets on their way as well – watch this space.

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