Monday, 7 February 2011

Juan Deminicis - Andalucia

Juan Deminicis AndaluciaNah, couldn't do it. I meant to strike a blow for house music egalitarianism and inclusivity and other cuddly-lefty-liberal words with the Geisha Twins post... but imagine if I got run over by a bus tomorrow, and that was the last thing I ever wrote? Brrr.

So here's something MUCH tastier, two slices of deep-ish but driving techy-progginess from those ever-reliable chaps at Stripped Digital.

Phew. I'll be able to sleep tonight, now.

Out: This week. Ooh, actually, last week now. But hey.

About: I can't keep up with the Stripped family, they put out so much stuff! Here's their MySpace, just in case you haven't visited it 100 times already.

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