Sunday, 20 February 2011

New label alert: Freshit Recordings

SAWF So Let MeWell, all right, not BRAND, brand new… but a reader of this blog (see? there are some!) called Philippos Nikiforakis got in touch this month to tell me about Freshit Recordings, the label he's been running since late last year, and very kindly sent me their first three releases to give a feel of what the label's about.

On the evidence I've heard so far – Stealth from Philippos himself, Faded Lady by LF/LB and So Let Me by SAWF, all of which are well worth tracking down – what they're about is groovy tuneage from that currently hard-to-define sector that spans both deep house and nu-disco. Which is always a good thing, so keep your ears out peeps, this is indeed some fresh shit…

Out: All the above are out now, with FRESHIT4 due in March, I'm told

About: Freshit Recordings are based in south London, though Philippos himself is actually Greek (as you may have guessed). Everything else, you can find out from the label's MySpace and Soundcloud.

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