Monday, 7 February 2011

Geisha Twins - Love Situation

See this record? It's like a thousand records you've heard before, basically: file it under 'cheesy filter disco'. It's the kind of thing hairdressers and receptionists dance to at your local Oceana/Syndicate/Po Na Na/etc on a Saturday night. It's commercial, obvious and formalaic and it certainly isn't the kind of thing that gets covered on This Is Why We Dance. Usually.

But you know what? I don't actually mind it, despite all that. Or at least I don't mind a couple of the mixes (stand up, Joey Chicago and Agent Stereo).

So shoot me. Part of the reason for TIWWD's existence is to cover good dance music REGARDLESS of genre, and this is… well, not great admittedly, but it's the least-worst commercial and obvious Saturday night house record I've heard lately. And if it was by Daft Punk you'd call it 'unabashedly uplifting and joyously party-tastic', so get off your high horse.

Out: This week

About: This is on DJ EQ's US disco-house label Stardust Records. And supporting small independent dance labels is also one reason this blog exists, so here's their Soundcloud page (where you can HEAR THIS... if you're man enough to not fear the fromage!)

PS Tread carefully with those mixes, mind!

PPS Normal beard-stroking snobbery will be resumed shortly...

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