Saturday, 26 February 2011

Ajello feat Hard Ton - Chocolate Black Leather

Hard TonWell, it's been a long day downloading music pretty much non-stop since breakfast… but I promised I'd say something this weekend about this Italo/nu-disco outing, so here we are!

The fact that this features Hard Ton - a rather large man posing in a leotard in a pastiche of that famous Grace Jones pic - should give you an idea what to expect… this is camp as old boots. But if you can handle that, it's pretty good. It's presented in two mixes: the Original borders on hi-NRG, but the mix I'm preferring is from Brennan Green, which is a little less reminiscent of bad old Hazell Dean records and is instead quite a slo-mo kind of affair.

I'm tireAjello Chocolate Black Leatherd, so that is all.

Out: Erm, sort of now-ish, I think. My 'connection' didn't say, we got bogged down in discussing The Horrors instead. Like you do.

About: This is on an Italian disco label that goes by the fantastic name of Danny Was A Drag King… and here's their MySpace. Oh yeah, and you can HEAR THIS (and check out some other Ajello bits) on Soundcloud.

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