Saturday, 5 February 2011

Zumo - Dutch Dub EP

Zuma Dutch DubOkay, after that brief detour into breaks and dubstep territory, we're back on a deeper tip now with this offering from Zumo, which comes complete with a remix from France's Chris Carrier.

Dutch Dub itself is a chugging midtempo cut, with an organ line that recalls the most stripped-down of vintage Jersey garage from the early 90s. Nice! Deranged is in a similar vein but a tad slower, with a barely-there female vocal and all kinds of trippy, techy synth washes going on in the background, and then finally Carrier's remix of Deranged is Deranged is a slightly more upbeat affair, with a fat, squelchy bassline and some lovely echoing keys.

It's between Dutch Dub and Carrier's mix of Deranged as to which is my favourite, but all three cuts are strong.

Out: This week

About: This comes on a new label called Landed Records, and is only their second release. So get on the case early and check 'em out here.

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