Monday, 28 February 2011

Other February releases

Well, it’s not been a bad month at all, in terms of getting stuff blogged, but as ever there’ve been plenty of other releases that could’ve gone on here if I’d had time. So here’s a quick list/run-down/round-up type thingummy… sorry there's not pictures but I'd be here all night!

Andrew Philips

Drop That (Red Seven Recordings)

The debut release from this new imprint out of Germany’s Housesession stable. And the first of several records in this round-up with a VERY familar, smile-inducing sampler, which may or may not have something to do with ghettoblasters…

Damir Pushkar & B.Original

Beat It Up (Pin Up Records)

A genre-defying dancefloor cut with influences from progressive house, techno and disco alike.

David Kassi

Get Down EP (Deep Class)

Fer Ferrari's Barcelona-based Deep Class is without a doubt one of the best deep house labels around; this is merely the latest in a long line of reasons why…


Invitation Only (Nocturnal Recordings)

More of DJ EQ's trademark filter disco revivalism, this time on Steve Mac and friends' Nocturnal imprint.

DJ Spen pres Le Royal

Promise (Code Red)

Trad-style soulful house goodness from the former Basement Boy on his own Code Red, complete with a Ralf Gum remix.

Dual T

Nu Spinner EP (Smiley Fingers)

Four tracks of the highest quality deep, techy house, with just a touch of jazz… and a very familar sample on Somebody (go on, have a guess!)

Eelke Kleijin & Sebastian Davidson

Army Of Two (Nightbird Records)

Two deep, throbbing and ever-so-slightly proggy housers from M. Davidson's excellent Nightbird.

Enzo Siffredi

One Finger EP (Erase)

More from the ever-prolific Erase regular. He does his trademark gypsy-jaunty thing, but on Italo-Blues he goes for a more weirded-out tech-house vibe that's sounding fresher to me.


Kuiper’s Belt (Fullbarr)

Ultra-deep techno from this astoundingly good Bradford-based label.


Grenadilla Mini Swing (Kling Klong)

Italy’s fastest-rising tech-house star returns to Kling Klong. Remixes come from Uto Karem and Kaiserdisco.

Ivel Tax

Funky Church EP (All Inn Black)

Have I mentioned recently what a fantastic deep house label All Inn Black is? No? I have now…


I Know You Want Me (Tall House)

Back to the 90s-style vocal house that’s surprisingly non-cheesy – me like.

Kinky Yak

Journey EP (Tokyo Red)

No let-up in quality from DJ Sydney’s ever-excellent Tokyo Red here. Not sure quite what kinky yaks get up to, mind you… and I’m not sure I WANT to know, either.


Don’t Fear To Rock (1605 Music Therapy)

Pounding acid techno, basically, but done in a way that isn’t horrible – a rare feat in my eyes (ears?), so excellent work!


Fast Eddi EP (Weplayminimal)

The 41st release from the German label with the self-explanatory name.

Selim Gaston

Tunisia (Endemic Digital)

The ever-prolific Endemic on a more minimal/deep techno kinda tip here.

Stefan K

First Step EP (Endemic Digital)

Deep and a bit proggy, but kinda soulful as well…


Fire EP (Pin Up Recordings)

Fire and Inferno are both in a chunky and slightly electro-y main room kinda vein with some very familar vocal samples… a bit more commercial than most stuff TIWWD covers, but not horrible. But it's the slightly deeper Strange that's most worthy of your attention, I'd humbly suggest.

Vanessa Daou

Heart Of Wax (Kid Recordings)

The incredible Ms Daou returns with this sensual downtempo cut taken from the 2008 album Joe Sent Me. Housed up just a little bit by Alphamotive, the single also trails the forthcoming Moonshine Mixes remix album.


Five To The Floor (Elevation Recordings)

No let-up in quality from Ireland’s Elevation stable, with Soul Minority, Harold Heath and label boss Darren Nugent among the artists featured on this five-tracker.


Saved 2011 Sampler Pt 2 (Saved Records)

Jordan Peak, Benny Rodrigues and more feature on this second V/A sampler from Fanciulli’s Saved imprint.

Wally Stryk

Fleur De Sel EP (OKO Records)

More quality deep house from OKO, with a more minimal remix from Betoko.

World Of Colour

Who Cares (Metrogroove)

Atlantic Ocean's Waterfall revisited for 2011, anyone? Oh sod it, go on then…

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