Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Klement Bonelli - Le Chemin Des Contrebandiers

Klement Bonelli

France’s M. Bonelli steps up with a rolling tech-houser here, inflected with a little gypsy-Italo swing. Y’know the wedding scene at the start of The Godfather? Well, imagine they’d held the wedding at Fabric. You get the kind of idea.

Brahms and (Seamless dude) Graham Sahara supply remixes, though to be honest neither of them do huge amounts different from the Original, so I’m actually more intrigued by the title… if A-Level French serves me correctly that’d be something like Smuggler’s Horse? Or is it Smugglers’ Train? Something to do with smuggling and modes of transport, anyway… I’d look it up, but I’m sat on a train right now.*

But yeah, a solid outing that’ll move the floor for sure.

Out: This week

About: This is on Claude Monnet’s Analog Recordings label - they don't seem to have a label website but here’s the Claude Monnet site. It's got a podcast you can sign up to, plus a picture of a robot that I can't identify, but that looks like an early 80s Tomy product to me (for the benefit of any fellow toy robot collectors out there)

*Which IS definitely a train, incidentally. Not a horse.

PS I looked it up later, and it's actually 'way', as in 'road'. So I was sort of half-right, with 'mode of transport'. I find this is often the case. (Ie, I'm often wrong, but find a way of convincing myself that I was half-right...)

PPS I also wasn't looking at the label picture when I wrote that… although if I had been, I'd have probably just have gone down the horse, er, road. Oh god this is confusing. Note to self: try and write a blog about music, not one full of random stream of consciousness drivel.

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