Monday, 21 March 2011

Various - Endemic Miami Sampler 2011

Endemic Miami Sampler 2011More tech house vibes here (mostly) on this latest showcase comp from another current fave label of mine, the Endemic (Digital) stable.

16 tracks on offer, again mostly from new names, though you should know a few of the artists involved (Timo Garcia and City Soul Project, for starters). And what I'm liking most about this comp is just how varied it is: rather than 16 samey cuts you get assorted shades of deep/tech house from soulful, to disco-fied, to minimal/glitchy, to proggy. But all with plenty of dancefloor energy, and with absolute NO eyes on commercial/crossover appeal whatsoever.

Again, let's just call it quality jacking underground house music and leave it there.

Out: Last week, but I'm guessing some of the cuts featured will be getting single releases as well at some point?

About: Again, Endemic have had loads of love on here so here's just a quick website link.

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