Sunday, 13 March 2011

JJ Faro - Walking In Oslo

JJ Faro Walking In Oslo
A tiny bit late on this one but had to give it some props, cos it's one of the most addictively weird records I've been sent in ages.

Walking In Oslo is one of those 'once heard, never forgotten' tunes thanks to its frankly bizarre vocal, which features some woman's voice sampled from God knows where talking about, well, walking in Oslo, under the clouds, under the clouds… couple that with rolling tech-house beats and a jaunty little riff played on what sounds like it might be a clarinet or oboe, and you've got a killer tune that might cause a few raised eyebrows at first - the vocal being so strange - but that's pretty much impossible to resist first tapping a foot, then getting up and dancing like a loon to.

Just the two mixes on offer, both from JJ himself, and to me the Club Rework beats the EU Mix into a cocked hat, but you don't really need any more, trust. For what would appear to be a debut release from Mr Faro, this is really remarkably good - more soon, please.

Out: Last week but it's WAY too good to not get some props

About: I did something of a double-take but yes, this really is on Purple Music. Which is A Very Good Thing, cos while Purple does a great job of flying the flag for trad-style disco/gospel-infused vocal house, I was starting to think the label had got stuck in a bit of a slightly outdated rut; this tech-house cut, though, is as contemporary-sounding as you could wish for. Excellent work, Swiss peeps! For more on Purple Music, see their website.

And sorry there's not been more blog action this week, BTW. But for one thing I've had a heavy cold, and for another my Mac's been doing strange things, which has taken some sorting out. These things are sent to try us...

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