Thursday, 24 March 2011

Midland - Bring Joy

Midland Bring JoyMidland gives his growing rep in deep house/deep techno circles another boost here, and getting Radio Slave and Youandewan in to remix certainly won’t hurt, either.

The original is an atmosphere-laden cut reminiscent of a late-night drive round some futuristic, Bladerunner-esque city. It’s all a bit soundscape-y for the first half, but once the chopped-up (and slightly chipmunk’d) female vocal comes in, it develops into a more abstract, future garage-y kind of affair. A track that will grow on you after repeated smoke-fuelled listens, methinks.

Youandewan’s Warehouse Dub does what it says on the tin, really, being a sparser but bigger and more echoey take, with less of the crackles and atmos’ and drums that come on like tribal on Mogadon, while Radio Slave’s rub is more similar to the original but in more of a deep techno kinda vein.

Finally, there’s bonus cut Dead Eyes, which is more your straight-up deep houser with sampled, spoken vox, but just as good.

Like I said, this won’t do Midland’s rep for forward-thinking deep house/deep techno any harm at all.

Out: This week

About: Don’t know much about More Music, TBH, but I THINK this is their Soundcloud page... at least, there's a link to it from Midland's

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