Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The big catch-up post (part 2)

Okay, so continuing with the 'stuff we missed' theme… as per yesterday I'm not gonna do links, sleeves etc cos it'd take all bloody night... again, all these came out early March

Blood Groove & Kikis - Deep Grain Remixes (Spring Tube, 7 Mar)
An absolutely superb deep house offering from Spring Tube, with six mixes to choose from

Floyd Lavine feat Ruben John - Ms Cooper (Dogmatik, 7 Mar)
A deep and moody tech-soul affair, with remixes from Tom Demac and Nocturnal Sunshine

George Pearson - The Journey EP (Hype Muzik, 8 Mar)
George Pearson is apparently only in his early 20s... how he’s already making deep house/deep techno as good as this is beyond me

Inaya Day & Ralf Gum - Lose My Worries Pt 2 (GOGO Music, 7 Mar)
Featured this real-deal soulful house nugget on the TIWWD cloudcast a few months back, and now it’s back with no less than SEVEN new mixes from Trancemicsoul and Louis Benedetti. Just lush!

Jevne - Blue Label #1 (Eight Dimension, 8 Mar)
Following The System is a deep houser with disco overtones that comes on like early Faze Action, with remixes from Da Funk and Pete Dafeet. The ethno-Balearic funk of Velvet Eyes rounds out a very strong package.

Mioxam & Evan Burke - Tunnel Series #01 (Paradigma, 8 Mar)
The original is a proper tech-house/deep techno journey of a track, while Gary Beck’s remix adds a little big room drama.

Nadastrom - Theo (Dubsided, 8 Mar)
A one-sided release from Dubsided in a kind of jazzed-up tech-house vein… wouldn’t sound out of place on the likes of Leftroom or Freerange, which gives you an idea I guess.

Oliver Deutschmann - Waterfalls (Jack Off, 9 Mar)
The original of Waterfalls Are Good is a deep house/deep techno dancefloor cut, the Patrice Scott Sitrum mix is more of a late-night affair and then Do It The Classic Way Honey takes a trip to old-skool Chi-Town, making for a strong EP all round.

Seb Skalski - Disco Galaxy (Purple Music, 4 Mar)
Deep house and nu-disco flirt outrageously on the dancefloor.

Various - Light Of Day/Still Falling (Plush Recordings, 9 Mar)
Not had any D&B on here for while it seems, so here’s a nice little fem-vocalled liquid roller for ya… or rather two nice little fem-vocalled liquid rollers, seemingly by about 17 different artists. I’m confused, but they’re both rather nice, as I believe I’ve already made clear.

Various - Stealth Miami Sampler 2011 (Stealth, 8 Mar)
Six party-hearty big room tracks from the S-Man’s label, with Prok & Fitch’s remake of Todd & Jocelyn’s ‘Something Going On’ something of a surprise treat, actually.

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