Thursday, 10 March 2011

Lee Burridge - Here's Johnny

Lee Burridge Here's JohnnyA strange little number from Mr Burridge, here. Here's Johnny in its Original form is an almost tribal, 'lost in the jungle' kind of affair built around insistent, African-esque rhythms in what sounds to my musically untrained ear to some weird time signature, though it may just be the drum pattern itself that's a bit unusual. Either way it's certainly interesting, if potentially a little confusing for the dancefloor.

On the remix front, Lazaro Casanova's Haunted Vocal Mix makes more of both the tribal whoops and the house piano line, while also toning down the freaky riddim a tad in favour of some fast and furious hand percussion. And then finally the Rainy Night Mix, also from Casanova, is more of a deep house take, albeit with those tribal elements not dispensed with entirely.

All told, like I said, it's an interesting and somewhat unusual release… and let's hope it does will cos he's a good lad is our Lee.

Out: This week

This is on Matt Tolfrey's Leftroom Records… a label that's never afraid to push the house envelope a little so this is right at home! For more on the label, see their website.

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