Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Various/David Keno - Kindisch Steps II

David Keno Kindisch Steps III am quite possibly the most tired man in the entirety of Christendom tonight, so gonna keep this quite brief. But I will just tell you that if it's the slightly more serious/experimental/minimal end of tech-house you're into (as opposed to the silly bouncy end), then this new compilation from Kindisch should be right up your street.

It's mixed by David Keno, who's had several singles out on the Get Physical offshoot before, and he serves up 13 killer cuts from the likes of DJ T, Larsson, Gavin Herlihy and H.O.S.H, plus a host of lesser-known names. It's good… must admit if pushed I'm more of a silly bouncy kinda guy myself, but this IS still very good!

Out: Now-ish, best I can tell you I'm afraid...

About: As I said, and indeed as you should be aware anyway by now, Kindisch is an offshoot of the mighty Get Physical. Here's their website… and naturally they're on MySpace and Facebook as well.

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