Sunday, 6 March 2011

House of Stank - Guilty Pleasures EP

See, I had a load of stuff flagged up for blogging this week... but when I came to sit down and listen to it all properly, there really wasn't that much to say about any individual record. There is a LOT of tech-house out there at the mo' that's… well, it's good, I like it, but it IS starting to sound a bit same-y, folks...

So what a pleasure it was, then, to chance upon this four-tracker from HoS which I'd nearly overlooked. Cos instead of same-y tech-house, what we have here are four slabs of good old-fashioned deep(ish) house bump. Funked-up, acid-ified medication for your glitched-out soul.

It's not post-minimal… it's not from Berlin… but it's f**kin' havin' it*. Go seek.

Out: This week

About: Oh yeah, and this is also the debut release on House Of Stank's own brand-new label, Get Up Recordings. Artists with Get Up Recordings already in the pipeline include, we're told, Honey Dijon, Tedd Patterson, David Harness, Jonny Fiasco and Rob Rives, so it should be one to keep an eye on if you still like house music done the good ol' US of A way... they don't seem to have a website yet that I can find but here's House of Stank's own MySpace and Soundcloud page... at time of writing you can HEAR the four tracks on this EP (Guilty Pleasures, Still Waiting and two rubs of Waiting) at the latter

* Just in case, for the youngsters and people from abroad... that's a clever joke, you see.

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