Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Various - Hibernation Vol 2

Hibernation Volume IIOkay, so you think you know what to expect from a Bear Funk nu-disco comp – there's certainly been enough of them. But wait!

Cos y'see it doesn't all have to be glacial Italo synths, slightly iffy 80s hi-camp vocals and Levan/Cowley-homaging weird bass wobbles, you know. Nu-disco can have its more thoughtful, mellow, musical side too… and that's what's showcased here. Sure, the usual suspects are all present and correct - Essa, Rudman, Tobor, Mudd and of course Kotey – but this is definitely a more chilled-out, less brash side of the nu-disco coin, with wilful experimentalism for experimentalism's sake forgone in favour of an overall vibe that's a bit less Hoxton hipster hangout and a bit more lush cocktail bar.

In other words, it's very good, and you should buy it immediately. End of.

Out: Last week, but again I was in the throes of Mega Armageddon Tooth Death at the time

About: If you need me to tell you about Bear Funk, you're probably reading the wrong blog. But cos I'm nice, here's their website, so you can go educate yourself a bit and come back when you're ready. We'll be waiting.

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