Friday, 1 April 2011

Vibration Lab - Vibration Creations Vol 1 EP

Vibration Lab Vibration Creations Vol 1This literally just came in this morning, but I’m gonna let it jump the queue a bit cos it’s really very good indeed.

Vibration Lab is a new project from two stalwarts of the southwest’s deep house scene, with connections to the Peng label and Bristol’s long-running Fruity Antics night, but this EP sees them heading off in a completely different direction, inspired by a mutual love of classic reggae and dub. It’s not even as simple as that though, because they’re billing the Vibration Lab sound as ‘future reggae dubstep’. And indeed, that probably IS the best way to describe this EP. Think the most dub-wise, reggae-infused dubstep you’ve heard to date, then reggae it up a bit more, and you’re somewhere in the right ballpark. It’s just dubsteppy enough to not be straight-up dub, yet reggae-fied enough to appeal to even the most ardent dubstep-a-phobe.

Being a big fan of classic reggae myself for some 30 years now, I’m loving it loving it loving it, especially Dub Pon The Street, which reworks Black Uhuru’s Heathen to devastating 21st century effect.

Crucial, in every sense of the word.

Out: This week

About: I think I just explained most of what I know. I guess I should also tell you that this is on their own Vibration Lab label, though. Here's their Soundcloud page.

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