Thursday, 21 April 2011

iBenji - The Power EP

iBenji The PowerThis three-tracker from iBenji treads a fine line between the darker side of dubstep and a more accessible/commercial sound; as such I’m not feeling it anywhere near as much as the Desto or J.Kenzo releases, but it’s still within the realms of acceptabliity.

Seems works delicate piano loops and the occasional disembodied vocal snip over midtempo rolling beats and lashings of heavy bass in a decently satisfying manner, while Fuck Yeah is more yer standard gnarl-a-thon and doesn’t really do a huge amount for me, TBH.

But the real reason this is here is the title cut, which is by far the most obvious and commercial track of the three, since it precedes the inevitable big bass drop with that Jocelyn sample from Snap!’s The Power… yet it actually works surprisingly well.

Like I said, apart from Seems it’s all a bit cheesy chavstep really… but it’ll work on a dancefloor. And as it’s sort of dubstep/D&B ‘week’ here at TIWWD, I thought it was only fair to paint as broad a picture as poss.

Out: Last week (11 Apr)

About: This is on Section 8 Dub records, but the only reference I can seem to find online is their section at the Digital Tunes download store.

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